Theater Productions

Image of a group of people smiling toward the camera, reading: "Corona and the new Normal, This event is YAAANA's Annual Mama Loshn Fundraiser, the most important event of the year!"

Corona and the “New Normal”

The play was adapted collaboratively last summer. See Yiddish STARS in action – Avi Hoffman starring as Corona, Suzanne Toren as the Internet, Sam Guncler as The Essential Worker, Bertolt Karsten Troyke as Twitter, Mikhl Yashinsky as Facebook, Lea Kalisch as Instagram, Moishele Mario Alfonso as Madame Netflix, and Lea Rozenfeld as Baby Tiktok. The performance will be followed by a premiere of the 3D animation of the Yiddishland California project by Kendal Eastwood, featuring a brand new song by Psoy Korolenko. Don’t miss YAAANA’s most important event of the year!

Image of two people, one of a woman in a white dress, the other of a man with bruises looking flabbergasted

“Kraft” (Power)

“Power” is a Yiddish play about civilization and what fuels it, literally and figuratively. The personification of Electricity outpowers Steam. The Airplane outmaneuvers the Horse and Madame Cinema outshines the radio. The only human character is the abstract Slave, whose naive questioning reveals that the more things change, the more they stay the same,        

Image of a set of actors, all smiling for the camera

Wooden Wars

“Wooden Wars” focuses on the lives of four young Catholics from modern Poland, each of whom changes forever when they discover that they might have Jewish roots. Sisters Zosia and Ania separate as one travels to America, converts to reform Judaism, and embraces her lesbian sexuality, while the other stays behind in Poland and marries a Chabadnik. Both come to speak Yiddish at home. Their stories are intertwined with those of their friends Jakub and Tadek, two young men whose own relationships with Jewish identity and Yiddish language are troubled. Neither as children nor as adults do the characters have control of their fates. Various paranormal forces are involved in the action, and Jesus appears to sing in Yiddish.

Mageyfe Khasene – Plague Wedding Spectacle

This year, we didn’t celebrated Mother’s Day with a cliché Mother’s Day Champagne Brunch, but with a Mageyfe Khasene (plague wedding) spectacle featuring famous Yiddish artists and academics such as Michael Steinlauf, Psoy Korolenko, Yale Strom, Elizabeth Schwartz, Polina Shepherd, Mikhl Yashinsky, Alicia Svigals, Anna Rozenfeld, Lea Rosenfeld, Rafi Caplan, Amelia Gleser, and Tanja Yakovleva! We raised money to hire more Yiddishists in order to transform our small organization into a House of Yiddishland, to operate both locally in San Diego and internationally.