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An interaktiv geshprekh mit a yidish teater shtern, Mike Burstyn

Interview in Yiddish

Watch a special interview with Mike Burstyn, the Israeli-American actor known for his performances on screen, television, and theater, and for his significant contributions to the culture of Israeli stage and film.

“Make Me A King” – A Yiddish Drag King Pepi Littman

Interview in English

Join us for a conversation with our friends at @Unleyek who have discovered Pepi Littman, a famous Yiddish songstress. They’re using her Yiddish folk music throughout the award-winning short film “Make Me A King”!

“Make Me A King” follows a Jewish Drag King named Ari and their real-life hero, Pepi Littman, who carved out space for Drag Kings over 100 years ago. Our conversation will be joined by Dr. Phil Alexander, Ashleigh Loeb AKA Rabbi Schmeckie, and Natalie Arle-Toyne.

Yiddish Celebrities – An Interview with San Diego’s Favorite Hershey Felder

Interview in English

We would like to invite you to meet another Yiddish Celebrity this Saturday – Hershey Felder!

He is a pianist, actor, and playwright known for his portrayals of classical and American composers on the theatrical stage. Hershey has been a scholar-in-residence at Harvard University’s Department of Music and is married to Kim Campbell, the first female Prime Minister of Canada. In February, we will have a chance to see him as Sholem Aleichem in BEFORE FIDDLER – LIVE from FLORENCE. The interactive interview will be conducted in English by YAAANA’s CEO, Jana Mazurkiewicz Meisarosh.

Yiddish Celebrity – An Interview with Karsten Troyke

Interview in Yiddish

Karsten Troyke is a German singer, actor, and speaker. He performs and teaches forgotten Yiddish songs, especially Yiddish tangos and cabaret numbers. He has been performing on stage since the early 1980s, and in the 1990s transitioned to a full-time career in music and theater. He has performed in numerous countries, including Norway, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Croatia, Israel, USA, Poland, and France. He has been featured in the 2006 documentaries “Yiddish Soul” and “Concert Yiddish Soul”.